Time To Stop Rushing

Being in a state of rush is a fear based reaction.  It is also a scarcity mentality as you think it needs to be done now or else… (insert your own circumstance here).

I’ve always been an achiever but attached to that was a sense of urgency and often overwhelm. It’s almost like on some level I was thriving on it. Looking for more pressure and stress to push myself further. It wasn’t a conscious thing but it came from deep within. 

The only thing all of that pressure and rushing got me was burnout. And not just once.

It was a routine, almost like a dance I did with myself. Work harder and faster.  Want to do, be or learn something else?  Sure!  Let’s squeeze it in.

Feel the adrenaline kick in. But WOW I got so much done. Pats on back. And then I’d get up the next day and go again.

The issue is that you are never at peace. Never truly yourself.

Thankfully those are habits of the old me. I was fortunate in my self development journey to have had an awakening and step away from this destructive lifestyle.


Life is Different Now

These days I work differently but achieve way more. There is no sense of urgency.

I am calm.My mind is still. I fell completely at ease and happy. I don’t let outside situations influence my being.

It’s taken a lot of work on my self image and self worth. The journey has been enlightening and so life changing.

Working on my self image, I was able to tap into exactly who I wanted to be.  How I wanted to show up in the world.  What I wanted to achieve.

It was really interesting as all of the other stuff just started to fall away.  I no longer had that sense of urgency.  The rushing around stopped.  The need to be and do more just went away.  

By working on my own self image I have now defined my everything. The change has been really dramatic.  For me, everything on the inside changed.  And once you change the inside, everything else changes.

No longer am I thinking of new things to learn or do – unless they are in my direct plan.  I AM enough and certainly have more than enough to help my clients, friends and family.  In fact I am an expert in my field and am highly sought after. 

Once I stopped trying to be everything for everyone and focussed on my own self image, the transformation was magical.  Not one thing is the same as before.  Everything is better.

It’s interesting to think that by slowing down, I have achieved so much more.

Instead of hustling and trying to do all of the things, I now do what is right for me and everything else falls into place.

PSYCH-K® has played a big part in my transformation. When working on any aspect of my self image, I was able to balance and replace my belief system along the way.   Also, I was able to ask my Subconscious mind for any messages related to situations or conditions.  This was life changing and supercharged my journey.

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photo credits: Karen Lau & Dingzeyu Li on Unsplash