The Power of Attitude

“There is very little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.”
― Napoleon Hill

Our thoughts, feelings and action determine our attitude.
Pretty much everything comes back to attitude. With the wrong attitude we make poor decisions, don’t achieve our goals, live and work in chaos and never really achieve what we set out to accomplish.
You will notice that some people just seem to be able to achieve anything. Whatever they decide upon happens. This is a direct correlation with their attitude.
In the past I’ve had the right thoughts and actions but not the right feelings  I’ve always been a hustle kinda girl – to get something done or to achieve a goal it’s all about working HARDER.  
Unfortunately I didn’t realise until just a few years ago that the key is FEELING.  You can think about things in a positive manner and hustle like there is no tomorrow – but you still won’t achieve your goals.  Or if you do it will take a lot of blood, sweat and tears.
There is an easier way.  It’s not about working harder.  Nor about doing everything yourself.  And never really getting there – but when you get kinda close, you’re so exhausted that it’s not what you expected!
This is relevant in pretty much everything in life.
Looking at starting a new business?  All of the planning and action won’t get you there if you don’t believe you can.  You need to feel the success.  Really start to live that life on the inside.  
How about wanting to release some excess weight?   All of the dieting, counting calories and exercise doesn’t mean a thing.  If you don’t believe and really feel how you want to, then the weight will either be stubborn in shifting or it will come right back on.  Like a homing signal!
It’s all about believing.  Feeling in every cell.  Getting in touch with how it would feel to achieve your goal.  


Thoughts, feelings & actions?

Why thoughts, feelings & actions?
⭐ we need to have the right thoughts. Thoughts of success and positive direction. Every single thing and situation has positive and negative aspects.  That is a universal law  – The Law of Polarity. It’s up to us to choose the good in things so we can move towards achieving whatever goal we have set.
⭐We need to believe with every cell of our body. Believe that we can achieve. Believe in the good we see. Believe we are on the right track. This belief raises our vibration. And we know that we attract based on our vibration. If our vibration is high, you will attract things that you want. If it is low, you may not like what is heading your way.
⭐We need to take action. Nothing will ever be achieved without action. It needs to be action that is aligned with your goal.
All of these three combined determines your attitude.
Need any help with changing your thought process? Reach out and I’ll hook you up with some fresh, empowering beliefs 💜

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