PSYCH-K® and our Fur Babies

Our animal companions often feel our energy and live through our struggles with us. They have the same emotions as we do and can take on a lot that we don’t realise.
Last weekend I worked with two VIPs – Very Important Pooches. 🐶🐶Their names are Mitzu & Shiya. 
As you can see from the photos, these girls are stunning. We did an online session as these little beauties live a few thousand kilometres away.
Their humans were concerned about some issues they had and hoped that a PSYCH-K® would help.
Mitzu is a senior citizen (15 years old) and is an energy warrior. This means that she fiercely protects her humans and the effect on her health is starting to become apparent. Major digestive issues and overall health and wellbeing is not fantastic.
Shiya is a few years younger but suffers with anxiety. Some due to her nature and entry into this world (being taken from her doggy mum too early) and also from being the second born and always feeling not quite good enough.
They were so perfectly behaved and attentive during the session. I was easily able to surrogate for them both and we got some amazing results.
I cannot wait to hear feedback in the coming weeks from their humans. But early indications is that there has been a positive shift! 💜

Fur Baby Feedback

Fast forward a week and the feedback on these little beauties has been great:

  • Mitzu is full of energy and running like she’s not done in a long time.
  • She has also become more carefree and having a great time.
  • When taken for a walk Shiya did her own thing and explored rather than almost walking on top of Mitzu.
  • Shiya went to the vet for a teeth check – and instead of shaking in fear on her mum’s lap, she was wandering around exploring the waiting room!
If you have a VIP that needs some help, please reach out. It’s amazing the difference one session can make to your fur baby x
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