Mental Health & Our School Aged Kids

I don’t think you need me to tell you our kids are suffering.On so many levels, and way worse than any of us can even imagine. I get many, many school aged children in my clinic. And they almost always come back for more healing because they love it. Here’s what I know. They are suffering and things we don’t think are a big deal, really are to THEM.We need to listen to them. Really look at them. Not assume they are ok.We need to notice the teeny, tiny little changes in their behaviour and appearance. They are very telling. And a small change that we notice is a MASSIVE issue on the inside for our little people.

How Can We Help Them?

Here’s what else I know. One single Psych-K or Reiki session will Change. Their. Life. I kid you not.

Children of all ages (even up to early adults) respond BRILLIANTLY to the work I do.Here is why:

This term, please keep an extra eye on your babies. They really are hurting.And if you think they will benefit, reach out and we can make an appointment for them.

That one call or message might just help your child navigate through the complications that is a teenage life right now.
Image credits: Wonderlane & Austin Pacheco from Unsplash