Why do we all try to do so much?

Society has got it all wrong.  We are all competing with each other – trying to be the busiest or to squeeze more in every day.
This conversation echoes around the globe:  ‘how have you been?’  the answer….’SO busy’. 
At least once a week I get ‘You’re a machine.  I don’t know how you fit it all in’.  
It’s not a bloody competition.  And guess what the prize is?  
  • Overwhelm
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • a bloody shit life!
For me personally, I’m really focussed on what is important and what I want to achieve.
As brutal as this sounds, I don’t waste time on things that don’t serve me and I don’t associate with people who don’t lift me up.  I’ve no time for bullshit in my life. 
I work full time in corporate, run a busy Healing business which has exploded (yay!), have a hubby & 2 kids and still manage down time for myself!  
It’s all about prioritising what is important to you.

The upside of doing less

It really is difficult to cut back on things that you deem to be essential.
Funny thing is though, there’s not a great deal we do in a day that is truly essential – or that someone else couldn’t do for us.
The upside of doing less is SOOOOO much better than the downside:
  • more time for you
  • you can slow down and enjoy your day
  • time to see friends
  • don’t waste so much time on unimportant tasks
  • stress levels reduce
  • anxiety and overwhelm are less
  • you are not rushing around like a mad woman
  • you can breathe. actually stop and breathe.
  • clearer mind – not a million things going on all the time in your head
  • you can enjoy getting outside in the fresh air
  • more sleep!
  • do what you WANT to do not what you have to do
  • time for new interests 
  • get back into something that you love
the list seriously goes on and on…

So how do you do less?

Depending on your circumstances, it probably won’t be an overnight thing.
A good place to start is this.  Write down every single thing you do in a day.  From making breakfast for the family, to paying bills, hanging washing, cooking dinner.  Everything.
Once you’ve done that, go through and categorise them:
  • necessity – only I can do
  • necessity – anyone can do
  • not necessary
  • I really despise this job and would rather not do it
  • Absolute waste of time
There are certain things that only you will be able to do.
There are also a lot of things that do need to be done – but can be done by anyone.
Certain things (such as recurring bills etc) that can be automated.  That way you don’t have to manually make payment.
A lot of things are done out of habit.  You’ve always done it and never really thought about why. 
From here you can go through the list again.  There is absolutely NO reason why household chores cannot and should not be shared in you do not live alone.  We all work equally outside the home now so it sure can be shared at home.  Be sure to include age appropriate delegation to the kids. 
By taking the time to go through your items, some things can be totally removed.  
You will end up with more time in your day which is a win!
Photo credit: Glenn Carstens-Peters ; Bino Le & Joshua Earle on Unsplash