Have Less. Do Less. Be You.

Simple is always best. Always.

Society and our inbuilt belief system always seems to push us to:

⛔have more

⛔do more

⛔be more

In fact, going through life trying to achieve that is overwhelming to say the least.

Let’s break it down.

💥 Have more generally relates to having more stuff. Stuff that really isn’t going to make us happy. Stuff that we need to work long hours to pay for (or pay off). Stuff that we need to keep upgrading which of course means we need to work more hours in our life to pay for. More often than not, we need to go into deep debt to buy this stuff such as: new car ; bigger, better, newer house ; the right shoes and clothes ; the newest Apple iPhone. The list goes on.

💥 By doing more it means that you are so busy ‘doing’ that you are not ‘being’. This causes a huge disconnect and is directly associated to anxiety/depression/overwhelm. Truth is that doing more isn’t going to make you happy. Doing more and keeping busy is a fear response so in fact, it’s just going to make you tired, unhappy and having a really crappy existence.

💥 Being more is my favourite thing to pick apart! Society seems to think that you need to push for that promotion, get higher up the ladder, push yourself to within an inch of your life to ‘be more’. Take my corporate life for example. I dead set had a (male) manager ask me years ago ‘why wouldn’t you want to be a manager’. He really could not fathom why I didn’t want to climb that corporate ladder like I was supposed to. I’ve been turning down management roles for over 15 years. And I turned it down again a couple of weeks ago. I don’t need to ‘be more’ to be happy. In face, I know that pushing for that particular goal is detrimental for my health and wellbeing. Happiness and success is a very personal thing. I’m so happy being exactly where I am in my life. And someone else’s opinion on what I should be doing does not even come into consideration. My goal is to just be me.

My motto?

Have less Do less Be me (exactly who and what I want to be)

💜By having less stuff, not only do you have the opportunity to be debt free, but you have less physical stuff to clutter your life. I don’t need the best of everything. And I don’t really need that much stuff. In fact I actively clear things from my life – and it is so freeing!

💜By doing less I am able to just be. I have time to potter around in the garden, read a book, sit in silence and just ground myself.

💜By being me and doing less I am happy. This is the key to success. By choosing to do what YOU want to do and doing that well. Living life on your terms. Simple and effective. Always.


Image credits:   NordWood Themes ; Yoori Koo :  both on Unsplash