Everything We Do Is A Habit

Although we do have free will, every single little thing we do each day is a habit.

One that might have been with us from birth – or even from generations ago.

Think about your morning routine.  Chances are you do roughly the same thing every single day.  Yes, sometimes you might consciously try and change something but fast forward a week or so and BAM right back to the same old habits.

I think about this sometimes when I am driving to work.  The same way every day for years.  To the point when I am going to somewhere else in the general area, that I end up driving towards work. 

The subconscious mind in quite incredible as it stores these habits to ensure we don’t miss any of them.


How to Make Changes that will Stick

We all know that habits can be changed, but are they short lived changes or forever changes?

No doubt we all have a (bad) habit we’ve tried to change.  We are successful for a period of time but then revert right back to our old ways.

The key is to choose only 1 or 2 habits to change at a time.  And to stick with it until they are your new habit.

If you’re anything like me, you want to change EVERYTHING at once.  Overhaul your life.   Problem is that we take on too much and set ourselves up for failure.

Our lives are full of habits.  Every single area of our life is a habit.  So it’s really important to choose which ones to work on first.  And then just choose 1 or 2 at a time.  If it’s something major such as giving up smoking, it might be wise to just do that one on it’s own.  Just to ensure that you are able to commit to the habit change.

Another thing to realise is that some habits are only applicable for certain areas of life.  For example, I am almost always 5 minutes late for things in my personal life – lunch / appointments / catching up with a friend – BUT am always on time or a little early for work, clients, formal classes such as my Hungarian lessons or an exercise class.

That adds an extra layer to the habit as it’s also based on my self image.  And that is for another day.

At the moment I am working on changing this ‘5 minute late’ habit and will continue to do so until my new normal is to be 5 minutes early.

How do you know where to start?  Which habit/s to work on first?  In my opinion it’s the things that have the most negative effect on your day to day life.  

For example, if you have a weak immune system and always get sick you will be wanting to change habits around that area.  There are a lot of habits attached to this area so it’s important to still only change 1 or 2 at a time.  For example, you could start menu planning to ensure you are eating healthy, vital foods every day & also incorporate a 30 minute walk each day.  Once you do that for a month or two it will become a habit and you will continue to do it.  Then you can move onto the next habit/s.

The key here is not to overcommit.  Then you are overwhelmed and end up doing nothing.  And in the process feel like an absolute failure.

Sometimes we need help to shift negative or limiting beliefs systems.  A lot of things are generational and have come from many, many generations ago.  Thankfully, a quick Psych-K® balance will shift that.

The key to success?  Choose 1 or 2 habits you’d like to change.  Work on them until the new habit is fully formed.  Then move onto the next 1 or 2 habits.

Photo credits: Drew Beamer & Marten Bjork on Unsplash.com