Declutter Your Life

When we think of decluttering, we generally go right to our physical possessions.

Whilst I think that decluttering the things you own is super important, today I want to talk about decluttering your life.

Don’t get me wrong, we need to clear our living environment.   It doesn’t matter which method you use, just get rid of everything that is not A. necessary  B. used regularly C. useful.   There is no point in keeping things just in case.  Or just because it has some sentimental value. 

Absolutely there are some things you should keep – like really special family memories.  Just don’t hold on to every single little thing.  In the end you’ll just end up dusting or rearranging them for the rest of your life and doing that takes up precious time!  Or even worse, your poor family will need to sort it when you die (been there, done that!). These things bog us down and hold us back.   

Cluttered house cluttered mind.

Moving on…

Let's talk about decluttering your life

My main concern today is to declutter your life.

We all have WAY TOO MANY things on our ‘to do list’.   Most of the time it is not humanly possible to get through the list in a day.  Let alone the fact that there’s a new list tomorrow!

It’s time to declutter your life.   I can hear you all think ‘there’s nothing i can stop doing.  It’s all important’.   That’s how I used to think also.  But I was wrong.

Firstly let’s clear something up.  There is no prize or bonus for being the busiest person.  I know we all wear it like a badge of honour and LOVE to tell people how busy we are.   Honestly, that just means we are idiots and buy into the  ‘busy is better’ mindset. 

We spend far too much time and effort on things that are not essential or important.  It’s time to stop and look at exactly what you are doing in your life that you can declutter.

Grab a coffee and a notebook – or your laptop.  Thinking about a 7 day period.  Doesn’t matter which day you start with.  Just make sure it’s 7 days.

Make a list of what you do in those 7 days.  There are obvious things like clean the house and grocery shopping and that’s fine.  I also want you to add in all of the other stuff.  Every single little thing you can think of.  There will also be things that aren’t very regular which you can add to the bottom of that list.  

Now read over that list.  I can guarantee that there are a bunch of things on that list that are not essential to your life.  And that your family won’t suffer if you remove them.

A lot of the time there are also many things we do because we feel like it’s expected. Or that our peer group can do it so I can also.  Time to stop that rubbish.

There is a certain bliss in knowing you have some free time.  It’s beneficial to your mental and physical health to slow down and just ‘be’.  It is very unhealthy to just go go go all day every day.  Your body cannot sustain it and eventually you will fall into a heap and there will be dis-ease in your body.

It’s really important to know what kind of day you want. And what kind of life/lifestyle you crave. What would be perfect for you?  What would you like to include more of?  What would you include less of?  Once you know that you can move forward.

I encourage you to slowly make changes in your life.  Re-evaluate things as they come up.  Is there an easier way to do this?  Do I even need to do it?  Can I outsource it?  Can my kids/partner help out?

The truth is, much like we don’t need many possessions, we don’t need to do so much.  Honestly getting rid of things off this list is absolutely life changing.


My life is really simple these days.  I have plenty of time to work ; be with my family ; look after ME ; hang out with friends and have a bunch of adventures.

Life is way too short to jam it with things you (think you) have to do.

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